Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sinciput: Augment You Mind

Sinciput is a note-taking application developed to facilitate careful and scholarly research. It is bibliographically oriented -- that is, it is designed to keep track of sources and citations. Sinciput facilitates careful reading of a text (book, journal, paper) as well as simplifying note-taking during lectures and conferences.

Sinciput organizes all notes around a resource -- be it a book, website, article, or lecture. With it, you track what you read, where you read it, and when you read it. Imagine being able to search for all the material you were reading when you wrote a particular paper, or exactly when a particular question occured to you. Imagine sitting down to write a paper and not having to sift through notes, flip through pages of a book, and spend hours hunting for quotes.

Sinciput makes note taking easy. Sinciput makes remembering easy.

Sinciput: Augment your mind.