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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

NA-CAP 2007

At the end of July, we hosted the North American Computers and Philosophy conference at Loyola University Chicago. And ETL did a lot of the work to make it go. Konstantin, George, and several of the graduate students made significant contributions to the conference, doing everything from hosting Richard Stallman to cleaning up the tables after the show.

The conference went fairly well, though some of the discussion -- particularly in Stallman's sessions -- was quite heated. But many of the papers were first rate, and I came home feeling inspired.

Some of the papers, including mine, are showing up at Slide Share. I gave my paper on Information Justice (the same paper I mentioned earlier). I was very happy with the outcome. I got some great feedback from legal scholars, ethicists, and FOSS advocates, and I think I'm getting close to having a publishable paper.


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