Saturday, January 5, 2008

Rhizome Re-licensed under LGPL

I have switched the licensing on Rhizome to LGPL.

I'm noticing, after looking at tools like Couch DB, that document databases may begin to get frequent use.

Rhizome is not a specialized library. It is a general purpose document repository that has built-in support for advanced text manipulation (like searching, tagging, and so on). As such, it makes sense to license it under a less restrictive license. Thus the switch to LGPL.

On Tagging with Rhizome
On tagging, I have been prototyping a full tags implementation these last few days. Tags, like anything else in Rhizome, can be stored as Rhizome "Metadata" objects.

Since Rhizome supports one-to-many relationships (where "one" is tagged object, and "many" is the tags), and since all metadata can be easily searched for and retrieved, I have not had to make a single change to Rhizome in order to implement tags in a higher-level app.