Friday, December 7, 2007

New article on Python and LDAP

Packt Publishing just published the first in a series of articles I have written about LDAP programming in Python. From the article:

This article mini-series by Matt Butcher will look at the Python application programmers interface (API) for the LDAP libraries, and using this API, we will connect to our OpenLDAP server and manipulate the directory information tree. More specifically, we will cover the following in this article series:

  • Installing and configuring the Python-LDAP library.
  • Binding to an LDAP directory.
  • Comparing attributes between the client and server.
  • Performing searches on the directory.
  • Modifying the directory information tree with add, delete, and modify operations.
  • Modifying directory passwords.
  • Working with LDAP schemas.

This first part will deal with installation and configuration of the Python-LDAP library. We will then see how the binding operation is performed.