Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sinciput UI

So what's up with Sinciput? Actually, I'm stuck. I have been working relentlessly to produce a decent user interface. And I am stuck. I mean, I am stuck.

I have recently fallen in love with jQuery, which I think is the most elegant Javascript API known to man. And it has made possible some amazing web design. Much of the current UI is built with Javascript, now. Like Google Mail and other apps, the vast majority of Sinciput now runs without ever reloading the entire page.

But the interface itself is not feeling right. I wanted to advance it beyond the old UI. However, I just can't see how to do that at the moment. Unfortunately, until that is done... no Beta.

Is that all that's stopping Sinciput at the moment? The short answer is yes. Of course, there are other things that could use some work, but that's all that prevents me from releasing the beta.