Friday, July 25, 2008

DrupalCamp Colorado

Tomorrow, DrupalCamp Colorado begins.

I am planning on doing a session there on JavaScript and Drupal (heavy on the jQuery).

There are a surprising number of session proposals, and it looks like many of them will be very interesting. I'm excited to be going.

In the meantime, I have been working on J.D. Trout's new web page (moving here). It's using Drupal 6 with a whole host of newly-minted Drupal 6 modules -- like Views 2, CCK, and Image. Which brings to mind something I'd really like to rant about: What in the world is going on with Drupal image support? ImageField is gone... now FileField Image is here.... but wait... it's gone now. And maybe ImageField is coming back. Maybe. Poor lonely Image is the only image module that looks stable on Drupal 6.... and it's awfully hard to use with Views and CCK.